M9336A PXIe Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) provides I/Q channels with up to 1 GHz modulation BW and a third synchronized channel.



  • wideband I/Q communication signals including 5G
  • DOCSIS upstream signals
  • satellite and radar test
  • general purpose, multi-channel arbitrary waveform generation


  • single PXIe slot with 3 differential or single-ended signal channels with SMB connectors
  • front panel and PXIe backplane triggers and markers
  • per channel control of channel skew, gain, and offset
  • Keysight exclusive Trueform waveform generation

Performance characteristics

  • up to 540 MHz BW per channel (1080 MHz I/Q modulation BW)
  • 16 bit amplitude resolution
  • per channel control of channel skew, gain, and offset
  • highly flexible waveform definition and sequencing with up to 4 GB of waveform sample and waveform sequencing memory

The M9336A arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) delivers exceptional performance for creation of complex wideband waveforms. Multiple 540 MHz bandwidth channels with 16-bit resolution and up to a 1.28 GSa/s sampling rate are provided in a single-slot PXIe instrument. This enables the AWG to generate wide bandwidth signals with low error vector magnitude (EVM), making it ideal for creating baseband waveforms for wireless communications, radar, and satellite. The M9336A can also be combined with a wideband I/Q upconverter, resulting in modulation bandwidths of 1 GHz at RF frequencies for signal simulations employed in functional testing of chip sets designed for modern digital communications radios.

The M9336A includes advanced sequencing and triggering modes which can be used to create complex waveforms and event-based signal simulations. Multiple AWG modules can be synchronized for the generation of phase-coherent signals. Waveforms can be developed using a variety of software tools including Keysight Signal Studio and MATLAB. The AWG’s IVI driver set simplifies integration into a variety of application development environments such as LabVIEW and VisualStudio.NET. A comprehensive soft front panel speeds test development and debug by enabling the user to interactively control the module or by tracking module settings which have been set using the API.



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