• Aerospace and Defense
  • Electronic test
  • Communications


  • Integrated system module
  • 5 available slots: 3 PXIe hybrid, 2 PXIe
  • Does not contain a PXIe timing slot

Performance characteristics

  • Integrated PXIe Gen1 x1 system module for use with a desktop host adapter
  • Up to 250 MB/s total system bandwidth and per-slot bandwidth
  • Small footprint, bench friendly, PXIe chassis

The M9005A is the smallest footprint family member of PXIe chassis product line. It has been designed as a low cost, bench friendly solution while still enabling PXIe compatibility and performance. The integrated system module enables a solution that is fast and easy to setup. The combination of footprint, cost, and performance make it a perfect entry-level chassis for a wide range of applications

The M9005 PXIe chassis provides 5 peripheral slots: 3 hybrid-compatible slots and 2 PXI Express for a combination of measurement flexibility and performance. Each slot has a PCIe x1 Gen 1 link to the upstream PC. Each hybrid peripheral slot can accept a PXI Express peripheral module, a CompactPCI Express Type-2 peripheral, or a PXI-1 module which has the J2 connector replaced with the XJ4 connector. The hybrid slots provide full PXI Express and 32-bit PXI functionality.


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