The M8030A extends the J-BERT M8020A to a real multi-channel BERT supporting up to 10 pattern generators and 10 error detectors (ED) to get multi-channel application test like PCIe and PON. The M8030A multi-channel BERT is the right tool when multi-channel measurements are required to speed up throughput or test under real application conditions.

You can protect your investment by using the M8041A and M8051A modules with the M8020A and M8030A BERT configurations. Keep up with your test needs by adding modules as needed.

Target applications

The M8030A multi-channel BERT is designed for R&D and test engineers who characterize and verify compliance of chips, devices, boards, and systems with multiple I/O ports up to 16 Gb/s in the consumer, computer, and communications industry. Typical applications are PCIe multi-channel test, PON multi ONU system test, and XAUI and GAUI multi-lane test.

  • data rates up to 8.5 and 16 Gb/s
  • up to 10 BERT pattern generator and analyzer channels in a 14-slot AXIe chassis
  • clock synchronization between all channels
  • de-skew each channel individually
  • integrated 8 tap de-emphasis, positive and negative adjustable per channel 
  • integrated and adjustable jitter and Intersymbol Interference (ISI) per channel
  • common user and remote interface software (M8070A) for M8030A multi-channel BERT and J-BERT M8020A
  • built-in clock recovery and equalization per channel


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