M5401LUNA provides the primary user interface for the Keysight quantum control systems. This license applies to a single system.


M54001LUNA provides the primary software interface for the Quantum Control System (QCS). The primary use model is provided by a quantum-specific Python API. This API allows users to easily program sequences representing simple qubit experiments, complex quantum algorithms, or anything in between using a simple and intuitive syntax. Additionally, a graphical user interface (GUI) use model is included to provide a visual interface for simple experiments and general lab control.

Some key features of the software include:

  • A static system configuration file to define the mapping between QCS hardware and quantum objects (such as qubits, couplers, and readout resonators.)
  • A device calibration manager to manage the pulse parameters for each of the calibrated gates.
  • Waveform and data visualization tools to preview waveforms and pulse sequences before executing them on hardware, and to view a graphical representation of the results of qubit measurements.

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