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  • 2 slot PXIe card providing 2 channel AWG and 2 channel digitizer with shared FPGA
  • AWG: 500 MSa/s, 16 bit, 200 MHz bandwidth - includes function generation (sinusoidal, triangular, square, DC) and phase, frequency, and amplitude modulation capability
  • Digitizer: 500 MSa/s, 14 bit, 200 MHz bandwidth - includes advanced data acquisition system with flexible triggering and programmable cycles and data bursts

Performance characteristics

  • Up to 2 GB of onboard RAM (~1 GSA)
  • Less than 400 ns input to output latency
  • Multi-instrument programming, which is enabled using the KS2201A PathWave Test Sync Executive programming environment, is supported by SD1 3.x software API for core programmers. Flowchart style programming enabled by Hardware Virtual Instrument Design Environment (M3601A) is supported by SD1 2.x Software only. (M3XXXA, Option HV1 required).
  • PathWave FPGA Design Environment (KF9000A), supported by SD1 3.x software, enables easy programming and designing of logic, control, and combinatorial routines to the M3xxxA instrument along with supporting HVI for interaction with several FPGA functions. The Graphical FPGA Design Environment (M3602A) is supported by SD1 2.x Software only (M3xxxA, Option FP1 required).


  • E6962A Automotive Ethernet Compliance

The M3302A PXIe AWG/digitizer is ideal for Aerospace Defense applications as well as general-purpose automated test requirements. The shared FPGA enables less than 400 ns latency between the input to output. The optional real-time sequencing, inter-module synchronization, and graphical FPGA programming software tools expand its coherent transceiver capability to enable several solutions including Narrowband Radar Target Simulation, Channel Emulation, EW, BB electronics, design and manufacturing in Wireless Devices BB and IF transceivers, Software Defined Instrumentation and Hardware in the Loop (HIL).

More information:

PXI Oscilloscope and Digitizer

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Max. Sampling Rate
100 MSa/s
Max. Sampling Rate
100 MSa/s
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ADC Resolution:
Digitizer Type:
Digitizer and AWG Combos
Max. Sampling Rate:
100 MSa/s
Number of Channels:

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