The M3300A PXIe arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)/digitizer is ideal for control, testing, and prototyping in experimental physics, communications, or medical imaging applications. The shared FPGA enables less than 400 ns latency between input to output. The optional real-time sequencing, inter-module synchronization, and graphical FPGA programming software tools expand its capability to enable applications such as experimental physics, quantum computing and quantum optics research, ATE, and other applications requiring multi-channel coherent signals.

Performance characteristics

  • Combines high-performance arbitrary waveform generator channels and digitizer channels in a 2-slot PXIe:
    • AWG: 500 MSa/s, 16 bit, 200 MHz bandwidth - includes function generation (sinusoidal, triangular, square, DC) and phase, frequency, and amplitude modulation capability
    • Digitizer: 100 MSa/s, 14 bit, 100 MHz bandwidth - includes advanced data acquisition system with flexible triggering and programmable cycles and data bursts
  • Realize multi-instrument programming, which is enabled using the KS2201A PathWave Test Sync Executive programming environment
  • Create programs and designs of logic, control, and combinatorial routines to the M3xxxA instrument with PathWave FPGA Design Environment (KF9000A), supported by SD1 3.x software


Max. Sampling Rate
100 MSa/s
Max. Sampling Rate
100 MSa/s
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ADC Resolution:
Digitizer Type:
Digitizer and AWG Combos
Max. Sampling Rate:
100 MSa/s
Number of Channels:

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