The Keysight KS83RX0A automation platform for automotive radar – receiver and interference tests works with the KS83200A basic package to offer standards-compliant routines for testing and validation of radar receivers. Its automated routines simplify programming, customization, and testing.

This software works with the AR8700R Automotive Radar Receiver Test Solution and AR8700I Automotive Radar Immunity Interference Test Solution. Required software options include 89601B-200, 89601B-BHP, N7608APPC, and KS83200A.

Features and Functions

  • Get immediate access to test cases to libraries of test routines for specific automotive radar test cases including major standards
  • Test configuration and sequencing with intuitive user interface
  • Obtain links to all necessary high-frequency instrumentation including calibration information
  • Get documented report of test configuration, measurements made, pass/fail status, margin analysis, and waveforms  

Functional and Conformance Test

  • FMCW custom chirp signal creation
  • MFSK signal creation

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KS83RX0A Automation Software for Automotive Radar – Receiver and Interference Testing

  • KS83RX0A for receiver testing – signal generation and interference test cases
  • KS83ST0A offers signal analysis and signal generation test cases for ETSI standards

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