The Keysight KS83RX0A automation platform for automotive radar – receiver and interference tests works with the KS83200A basic package to offer standards-compliant routines for testing and validation of radar receivers. Its automated routines simplify programming, customization, and testing.

This software works with the E8740A automotive radar signal generation and interference solutions: E8740A-070 and E8740A-080. Required software options include 89601B-200, 89601B-BHP, N7608APPC, and KS83200A.

Features and Functions

  • Get immediate access to test cases to libraries of test routines for specific automotive radar test cases including major standards
  • Test configuration and sequencing with intuitive user interface
  • Obtain links to all necessary high-frequency instrumentation including calibration information
  • Get documented report of test configuration, measurements made, pass/fail status, margin analysis, and waveforms  

Functional and Conformance Test

  • FMCW custom chirp signal creation
  • MFSK signal creation

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KS83RX0A Automation Software for Automotive Radar – Receiver and Interference Testing

  • KS83RX0A for receiver testing – signal generation and interference test cases
  • KS83ST0A offers signal analysis and signal generation test cases for ETSI standards

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