More Voltage and Current Combinations With Dual Range

The E3640A Series bench power supply gives you outputs from 30 W to 100 W of power along with dual-range flexibility. Each output has a low and high voltage range. The low voltage range allows the power supply to output more current. The E3640A Series bench power supply also has models with one and two outputs — tracking is turned on or off to allow the two outputs to operate independently or work as a pair.

  • Low output noise with ripple and noise < 500 µVrms
  • Stable output, load regulation < 0.01%
  • Precise meter accuracy better than 0.05%
  • Flexible so you can store and recall up to five different operating states
  • Clear and highly visible vacuum fluorescent display
  • Available with one or two channels
  • Versatile connectivity: RS232 and GPIB

Key Specifications

Number of Outputs

1 or 2

Total Power

30 to 100 W

Ripple and Noise

< 500 µVrms


0.05% + 3 mV


RS232 and GPIB

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