An industry first, the 3000 X-Series offers an integrated 20-MHz built-in function and arbitrary waveform generator.

These capabilities are available on 3000 X-Series only with DSOX3WAVEGEN option installed. This option can be purchased with the scope or can be purchased later with an on-bench upgrade.

• 10 bits, 100 MSa/s, 8 kpts, DDS technology
• Waveforms include:

  • Sine wave, square wave (with variable duty cycle), ramp, pulse (with variable pulse width), DC, noise
  • Sine cardinal, exponential rise, exponential fall, cardiac, gaussian
  • Arbitrary waveform generation
  • Store scope waveforms directly into WaveGen AWG memory with one button press

• Create/edit AWG waveforms using built-in editor

  • Add noise and glitches
  • Change amplitude, frequency, and offset
  • Quickly test the margins of your designs using real-world signals

• Internal memory and USB thumb drive save/recall

Existing customers who have previously purchased DSOX3WAVEGEN will receive AWG capability after upgrading their scope to version 2.0.

The InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series is the first oscilloscope to offer a 20-MHz built-in function/arbitrary waveform generator. Ideal for educational, design labs or R&D labs, where bench space and budget are at a premium, the 20-MHz built-in function/arbitrary waveform generator provides standard stimulus output waveforms to your device under test as well as user-definable frequencies, amplitudes, offset, and pulse widths and arbitrary waveform capability. WaveGen’s output is routed to a BNC on the front panel of the oscilloscope below the display.

You can use the built-in waveform editor to create custom waveforms to output on the WaveGen of the scope. It is also possible to capture a known good or golden waveform on a scope channel and then save that to the ARB and generate it through BNC output. Rethink how you test your designs by using real-world signals to test your margins to the breaking point.

This WaveGen option works with all InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series 2-channel and 4-channel DSO and MSO models.

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Get a 30-day trial license for DSOX3WAVEGEN.

The WaveGen Built-in Function Generator option is enabled with a license file on the Keysight InfiniiVision 3000 X-Series oscilloscopes, so there are no setup files to download and install.

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Extend the Capabilities for your WaveGen Built-in Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator for 3000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

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