• Create, scale, and download custom I-V curves for each channel
  • Easily view individual MPPT operation on up to 12 separate channels
  • Evaluate the combined performance of multiple channels
  • View a dashboard of aggregated real-time measurements of voltage, current, power
  • Test high-current, large power inputs with parallel hardware
  • Quickly switch views of individual channels and aggregated results

Advance photovoltaic inverter test software evaluates single and multi-input inverters. Test up to 12 MPPT algorithms simultaneously. Independent I-V curves drive each channel with up to 2000 V. Scale input power by paralleling PV8900 simulators using their parallel link capability. The advance photovoltaic inverter test software is available for free when testing a single input.

When testing multiple input inverters, the software is available for four inputs (DG9104A), eight inputs (DG9108A), or twelve inputs (DG9112A). Independent I-V curves characterize each channel, testing up to 12 MPPT algorithms simultaneously. The software provides a single point of control to configure I-V curves and analysis a single or multi-input string inverters efficiency.

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Advanced Photovoltaic Inverter Test Software

Test advanced PV inverters from one to twelve inputs.
DG9112A Advanced Photovoltaic 12-Input Inverter Test Software

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Extend the capabilities for your Advanced Photovoltaic 8-Input Inverter Test Software

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