Most flexible general purpose module with 28 1A Form C relays and 4 high power relays for switching up to 5 A, 150 W.


  • 28 Form C channels up to 1 A, 60 W
  • 4 Form A channels up to 5 A, 150 W
  • Latching armature relays, with relay counter
  • Temperature sensor for overheating conditions
  • Simultaneous channel switching

The Keysight 34937A is a general-purpose switch module for the 34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit. It has 28 independent single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) 1 A relays and 4 single-pole, single-throw (Form A) 5 A relays. This module is used to cycle power to products under test, control indicator and status lights, and to actuate external power relays and solenoids. The Form C channels are 300 V, 1 A contacts and can handle up to 60 W, and the Form A channels are 30 VDC/250 VAC, 5 A contacts and can handle up to 150 W. Standard 50-pin Dsub connectors allow for use with standard cables, terminal blocks, or mass interconnect solutions.

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