This sample program assists intermodulation distortion (IMD) measurements using the ENA and SG.

Revision Number

Rev.01.01 (for E5072A)

Supported functions

  • Quick setup of two-tone Intermodulation distortion measurements
  • Control of all necessary equipments from the ENA
  • Guided calibration wizard
  • Various IMD sweep types
    • Fixed F1 and swept F2
    • Sweep center frequency of main tones (Fc)
    • Sweep delta frequency of main tones (DeltaF)
  • Measurement parameters
    • Power level of fundamental tones (in dBm)
    • Power level of IMD products (in dBm). Low or High-side IM (3rd, 5th, 7th)
    • Calculated third-order intercept point (IP3)


 VBA Image