This sample VBA program provides limit testing for band pass filter measurement.

Revision Number


Supported functions

  • Limit test function for filter component
  • Modify segement sweep settings. (Start/Stop frequency, Points and IFBW)
  • Modify limit line settigs for S21 and S11 trace
  • Save/Recall function for segment sweep and limit line settings

How to install and run this file

  • Copy the download file to the D:\VBA folder of your ENA. The macro named “BPF_TEST_DEMO_E5061B_xxxx.vba” can run on the E5061B, and “BPF_TEST_DEMO_E507x_xxxx.vba” can run on the E5071C and E5072A. To run the macro, press [Macro Setup] on the ENA front panel, then select Load & Run, and click on "BPF_TEST_DEMO_E5061B_xxxx" (for E5061B) or “BPF_TEST_DEMO_E507x_xxxx” (for E5071C/E5072A) on the softkey menu.
VBA Image