E5061B (Windows XP-Professional)

Windows OS Service Pack:

Keysight will ship with the latest service pack updates once it has been evaluated. When a new service pack is released, it is best to wait a while until we can evaluate it for possible conflicts with the E5061B.

Windows OS Critical Update:

Keysight will ship with the latest critical update once it has been evaluated. When a new critical update is released, install the critical update. It should work well but it is impossible to predict future issues. When in doubt, contact Keysight or check for the latest release version for the E5061B.


During manufacturing, each unit is scanned with an isolated scan station. The E5061B is NOT equipped with antivirus protection when shipped.
Use of an antivirus program is very strongly recommended.
It is noted that the antivirus software should be running while the Trigger mode is set to "Hold".
In other words, the antivirus software might be too slow while the Trigger mode is set to "Continuous", due to high CPU usage by firmware.

Embedded SW:

Do not update or delete the embedded software version except Adobe Reader (It is not preinstalled from May 2013). Keysight cannot guarantee the performance and functioning when the either of embedded software version goes up.

User Installable SW:

You can install any SW except the embedded SW listed above. However, support for those SW can not be provided and unintended actions of the other SWs are the responsibility of the end user. Operation of other large programs will probably be helped by extra resource and CPU power if your current unit has only a small amount, so the extra usage of resource and CPU power may affect the measurement performance. Only the embedded SW as E5061B application, as shipped from the factory, is guaranteed to perform properly. User backup is strongly recommended before you install any SW.

Local Language Setting:

To install Non-US version of Windows XP is not allowed. In addition to that, Do NOT change on Regional and Language Options setting from English (United-States) as default setting.