Mobile Apps for Design Engineers and Students
Application Description
Printed Circuit Board Trace Impedance Calculator (PCBCalc)

PC Board Trace Impedance CalculatorThe Keysight Printed Circuit Board Trace Impedance Calculator (PCBCalc) app computes the characteristic impedance and sizes of typical printed circuit board trace geometries. The app has seven calculators for Microstrip, Embedded Microstrip, Differential Microstrip, Stripline, Asymmetric Stripline, Differential Stripline, and Dual Stripline printed circuit board geometries.

This app is another helpful Keysight Technologies design tool for electrical engineers and students doing printed circuit board design with controlled impedance traces. PCBCalc joins the MicrowaveCalculator app from EMG, and the LC and GC Calculators from CAG as iPhone applications available from Keysight.

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Microwave (µWave) Calculator

Microwave CalculatorThe Keysight Microwave (µWave) calculator app helps calculate errors in your microwave measurements. It consists of a Directivity Error Calculator, a Mismatch Error Limit Calculator, a Ratio-to-dB Calculator, Noise calculators and Antenna calculators.

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Engineering Calculator (EC)

Engineering CalculatorThe interactive Engineering Calculator (EC) app enables you to input the required data and display results in the form of graphs, tables, animations or other meaningful representation. The target users for this application are engineers, lecturers and engineering students.

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