The following table is designed to show the range of special options available with Keysight Technologies present range of Noise Figure products.

For further information on power meters specials, contact your local Keysight FE or sales office.

The Block Downconverters are compatible with the following products:

  • CXA, EXA, MXA, PXA, UXA Signal Analyzers with the N9069A/C noise figure application and frequency range options ≥ 526
  • MXE EMI Receiver with the N9069A Noise Figure Application and frequency range options ≥ 526
  • N8975B, N8976B, and N8975A Noise Figure Analyzers


Specials Numbers Description
Block Downconverters
N8975AZ-K40 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz APC 2.4(m) connector
N8975AZ-K50 36.5 GHz to 50 GHz APC 2.4(m) connector
N8975AZ-K63 50 GHz to 63.5 GHz WR15 connector
N8975AZ-K67 58 GHz to 67 GHz WR10 connector
N8975AZ-K75 61.5 GHz to 75 GHz WR15 connector
N8975AZ-K88 75 GHz to 88.5 GHz WR10 connector
N8975AZ-K98 86.5 GHz to 100 GHz WR10 connector
N8975AZ-K99 96.5 GHz to 110 GHz WR10 connector
Noise Sources
346B-H01 APC 3.5(m) connector with 21 dB nominal ENR
346C-H01 APC 3.5(m) connector with 21 dB nominal ENR
346CK01 1 GHz to 50 GHz 346 Series Noise Source nominal ENR 21 dB
346CK40 1 GHz to 40 GHz, 346 Series Noise Source nominal ENR 8 dB


* 346B Noise Source option 002 and special option H72 Discontinuance Notice: The Keysight 346B noise source Option 346B-002, and special Option 346-H72, noise sources which use an APC-7.0 mm connector, will be discontinued on October 31, 2003. This will also be that last day to order these options. The support life will be 5 years (until 31st October, 2008). There is no Keysight recommended replacement.