Achieve fast, accurate, single connection PIM and S-Parameter testing of passive components

The AWT system is a compact, high performance and cost-effective solution providing fast and accurate measurements. With AWT’s integrated solution, both PIM and S-parameter measurements can be performed without changing the physical connections of the DUT. This reduces the time spent connecting and disconnecting a DUT and improves significantly your overall test throughput.

  • Single connection measurement of PIM and S-parameters.
  • Uses Keysight E5072A ENA series network analyzers.
  • Flexible configuration, fast and accurate measurements
  • Up to 4 PIM analyzers for multiband testing in a single configuration
  • Measures return loss, insertion loss and PIM
  • Used in R&D, production and QA
  • Verifies complete performance of passive components
  • Cost-effective solution for mass production
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