Learn about the new use cases in the latest release of PathWave System Design 2023

PathWave System Design 2023

PathWave System Design 2023 is the latest release of Keysight’s EDA software for RF system Architects. This release includes:

5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) digital twins with best-in-class power amplifier (PA) phased array modeling

  • A new NTN channel model and updated 5G library, compliant with 3GPP release 17
  • A new digital pre-distortion (DPD) capability with improved efficiency, simulation speed, and high fidelity
    • DPD Designer in PathWave System Design
    • DPD Explorer in PathWave ADS
  • The newly invented Dynamic Gain Model which uniquely captures memory effects in PAs
  • The definitive Phased Array digital twin, now including unique active impedance and load-pull modeling

Broader application coverage expands across Cellular, Wireless and Satellite

  • New 5G Network digital twins in Keysight EXata, with PathWave System Design high fidelity RF modeling
  • Multi-domain digital twins in PathWave System Design, using connection with 89600 VSA, Signal Studio, and X-Apps
  • 6G Research Digital Twins correlate with measurements from Keysight 6G Test Benches 
  • 5G Channel Model data from PathWave VSA’s new Channel Sounding solution is now consumed by PathWave System Design

Watch this video to see the full breadth of Non-Terrestrial Networks with PathWave System Design’s new 3GPP release 17-compliant channel model.

5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) System Simulation

PathWave System Design 2023 now includes a rich set of measurements for 5G NR Tx and Rx compliant with 3GPP 38.811 including:

  • Channel model support for distance, path delay, elevation angle, and path loss vs time
  • 5G source configurations for different NTN deployments
  • 5G receiver including compensation for delay and doppler

Re-define Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) Verification in PathWave ADS and PathWave System Design

Two distinct products each targeting the needs of power amplifier (PA) designers and system architects and including:

  • User interfaces with efficient execution in designers’ application-of-choice:
    • PathWave DPD Explorer for PA Designers in PathWave ADS
    • PathWave DPD Designer for Architects in PathWave System Design
  • Keysight’s Dynamic Gain Model which revolutionizes modeling of power amplifier memory effects
  • A connected workflow between simulation and Keysight's PNA-X vector network analyzer for model extraction
  • Keysight compact waveforms which deliver up to 10 times faster simulation speed compared with conventional test models

Learn how to bring memory effects to your Doherty Power Amplifier DPD simulations using Keysight’s revolutionary Dynamic Gain Model.

Watch this video to see how to invent complex 5G network digital twins by combining Keysight’s EXata and PathWave System Design’s high-fidelity modeling.

Create Realistic 5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) Simulations from PHY to Core

Analyze network KPIs for various geographic, atmospheric environments and satellite network configurations, while augmenting EXata’s statistical models with PathWave System Design high-fidelity modeling.

EXata uses PathWave System Design for simulation of selected Tx-Rx pairs.

  • UE handover across two HAPS-based gNB nodes
  • Antenna tracking and channel estimation algorithm for high mobility
  • Frequency-dependent RF component impairments

EXata provides signaling and traffic in the overall network scenario.

  • Pre-compensation algorithms and beamforming algorithms are used for Tx
  • Includes channel effects such as fading, noise and Doppler based on the mobility and environment specified in the EXata scenario
  • Typical UE Rx processing is performed in PathWave System Design

Array Active Impedance and Load-Pull Modeling

PathWave System Design already simulates active impedance in phased arrays and is correlated against Keysight and 3rd party Finite Element Method (FEM) simulators. Now Keysight is adding X-parameters load pull modeling, enabling engineers to accurately simulate the interaction between the power amplifiers and the array active impedance. PathWave System Design’s unique load-pull simulation creates the most accurate Phased Array Digital Twin, with hardware verified by Keysight instrumentation.

PathWave System Design’s best-in-class phased array simulator elevates fidelity and accuracy of active impedance and load pull modelling
PathWave System Design’s phased array simulator elevates accuracy with unique active impedance and load pull modeling

Learn how to integrate your System Modeling with the Digital Test Bench.

Connection to Keysight Software Suites Broadens Applications for PathWave System Design

These software suites include PathWave Signal Generation (Signal Studio), PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications (X-Apps) and PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (89600 VSA). It is now possible to address many more applications in a single PathWave System Design workspace.

  • Opportunity for applications across Aerospace, Cellular and Wireless Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi and new Bluetooth Digital Twin Test Benches in PathWave System Design
  • IQ generation uses PathWave Signal Generation (Signal Studio)
  • IQ analysis uses either PathWave VSA or X-Apps depending on application
  • PathWave VSA is used for power measurement such ACLR or SEM

6G Research RF Simulation Testbenches

Keysight creates 6G research RF simulation testbenches, driving prototyping physical layer scenarios at terahertz frequencies. These digital twins provide reference 6G research waveforms and simulation workspaces, driving RF system architecture development and cross domain validation for Baseband, RF, Antenna, and Channel.

  • PathWave System Design 802.11ay-like signals with features suitable for early 6G research.
  • Complete custom PHY creation in PathWave System Design
  • PathWave VSA’s new Flexframe feature which assesses impact of impairments on EVM while supporting multiple carriers & channels
  • Digital and physical twin connectivity, with a workflow from simulation to Keysight 6G Hardware Research Test, sharing common measurement science
Watch this video to see how to accelerate 6G exploration using common measurement science in Keysight’s digital and physical twin test benches with PathWave System Design.

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