Watch the full-length PathWave ADS 2023 release webinar for RF/Microwave circuit design.

PathWave Design 2023 for RF/Microwave Circuit Design

Keysight’s PathWave ADS 2023 software release continues the innovation that has made it the industry’s most trusted RF and Microwave circuit and component Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software suite. Watch the full release webinar and explore the latest innovations below.

Signal Integrity for High-Speed Digital Design using Keysight ADS

Learn more about RFPro

RFPro - EM for Circuit Designers

  • Makes simplified EM simulation accessible to every circuit designer
  • Performs complex 3DEM analysis without the help of scarce EM experts
  • Automates the EM analysis on any chosen RF signal path without invasive “cookie-cutting” of layout to maintain design traceability
  • Automates the EM-circuit co-simulation without error-prone manual reconnection of multiple EM S-parameter ports to circuit nodes
  • Enables the use of EM simulation as a design tool for iterative tuning of 3D physical interconnects for optimal RF performance, not just as a signoff verification tool

PathWave ADS RFPro Demo Videos

PathWave ADS 2023 RFPro Simulation

Learn how the new RFPro parameter sweep in ADS 2023 now covers custom 3D models, process variations as well as pCell parameters.

PathWave ADS 2023 EM/Circuit Co-Simulation and Optimization

Learn how to take parametric RFPro data to ADS Circuit Simulation for performing EM/Circuit Co-simulation & Co-optimization as well as Statistical Analysis which provides the EM accuracy with Circuit Simulation flexibility.

PathWave ADS 2023 RFPro Mesh Display and Parametric EMI Analysis

Learn how to use RFPro for mesh display and parametric EMI analysis in three different Use Case scenarios.

PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2023 RFPro Mesh

Integrate RFPro into Your Design Workflow

RFPro Integration with Ansys HFSS, Synopsys Design Compiler, and Cadence Virtuoso

  • Integrating RFPro EM environment with popular circuit design flows from Cadence and Synopsys to use Ansys HFSS and/or Keysight EM solvers becomes the EM signoff platform for circuit designers
  • RFPro integration into all main circuit design platforms enables efficient EM simulation deployment into custom workflows for optimal RF PCB/Module and RFIC design to meet higher frequency and 3D integration complexity demands

Ansys and Synopsys RFPro Demo Videos

How to use Ansys HFSS inside RFPro on a PCB Design

Learn how to use Ansys HFSS and RFPro in a PCB Design.

How to use RFPro inside Synopsys Custom Compiler

Learn how to use RFPro inside Synopsys Custom Compiler.

Module level Multi-Technology Integration and Physical Verification

  • PathWave ADS SmartMount multi-technology assembly and 3D RF routing enables geometries ranging from sub-microns to centimeters to be integrated for mount types such as flip, surface, embedded, stacked, side-by-side, etc.
  • SmartMount automatically manages and preserves the Process Design Kit (PDK) integrity of each technology being integrated for traceability and subsequent simulation of the assembled 3D module structure
  • Module level physical verification with Design Rule Check (DRC), Layout versus Schematic (LVS), and Layout versus Layout (LVL) across multi-technology boundaries ensures correct 3D RF module construction for simulation and hardware production

RFPro Layout vs. Layout with Circuit Comparison

Learn how to use  RFPro in a Layout vs. Layout with Circuit Comparison.

Double Data Rate Memory (DDR) – Keysight

PathWave ADS Platform Automation for Custom Enterprise Design Flows

  • PathWave ADS is built on the EDA industry-wide OpenAccess database to facilitate interoperability with other EDA tools. PathWave ADS now adopts Python scripting and Microsoft Visual Studio for editing and debugging automation and inter-process-communication (IPC) custom codes
  • CAD engineers can efficiently incorporate the PathWave ADS design platform capabilities into increasing complex enterprise design flows with smooth deployment and robust mission-critical maintenance

Platform Automation Demo Videos

Inter-process Communication using ADS

Learn how to use Inter Process Communication in PathWave ADS.

Editing and Debugging using VS Code

Learn how to edit and debug AEL using VS Code.

Cloud HPC for accelerating EM and Circuit simulation

  • EM and Circuit simulation acceleration through parallelized High-Performance Computing (HPC) with cost-effective, powerful, and high-capacity cloud-based hardware resources enable typical speed up from 5x to 20x
  • Even with a modest 5x speed up, this means a time saving of 4 days out of a 5-day work week, enabling many more simulations to design high-performance, tolerance-insensitive RF/MW components and to significantly shorten time-to-market
Power Integrity with High Speed Digital Design

Cloud HPC Demo Videos

PathWave ADS 2023 Design Cloud (High Performance Computing)

Learn how to turbocharge your circuit and EM simulations with Design Cloud HPC with an internal compute cluster environment such as LSF, Grid Engine, as well as the internal or external cloud infrastructure.

Using Design Cloud HPC for a MMIC Module Design

Learn how to use PathWave Design Cloud HPC for a MMIC Module Design.

PathWave ADS 2023 DDS Enhancements with Python

Learn about the exciting data display enhancements in PathWave ADS 2023.

Data Analysis

  • Python-based data processing, analysis, and visualization in PathWave ADS enables any form of complex measurement data, such as frequency swept load pull data on non-uniform grids, to be brought into the simulation environment for optimizing designs to work with real-world devices and hardware
  • New Python scripting and Microsoft Visual Studio enable powerful automation script creation and debugging for data import/export, translation, processing, visualization, and analysis to get thorough design insights from the combination of simulation and measured data

Multi-Physics Electro-Thermal Transient Simulation

  • Electrical simulation alone is not enough to ensure a reliable RF design without considering thermal effects because every 10° C rise in temperature reduces electronic components' meantime to failure (MTTF) by ½. A component that routinely fails after deployment in the field can be extremely costly to fix
  • PathWave ADS offers the industry’s most accurate electro-thermal simulation that predicts the location and timing of harmful transient temperature peaks so that they can be fixed before hardware production
  • PathWave ADS’ Electro Thermal Dynamic model generator speeds up transient electro-thermal simulation by typically 10x and up to 100x to ensure thermal reliability for mission-critical and reputation-critical designs

PathWave ADS 2023 Electro-Thermal Simulation

Watch this video to learn how to use the Electro-Thermal simulator to simulate your design in critical uses cases with higher power circuits and high component density. 

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