PathWave Thermal Design 2020 includes:

  • Performance improvements in the construction and solution of the thermal model of the design
  • Improvements to modeling capabilities at the model’s boundaries
  • Support for system-on-chip (SoC) design flows, including a GUI to process SoC design data
  • Better visualization of input layout and power, and the computed temperature solution
  • Support for Virtuoso ICADVM
  • Ease of use improvements including further support for encrypted thermal-technology files, and the scripted saving of both the inputs and the computed fields and histograms

PathWave Thermal Design 2020 is available now.


PathWave DesignPathWave Thermal Design 2020 broadens the application of HeatWave to SoC design, improves performance and provides new capabilities or makes existing ones easier to use. These items are summarized below and are further described in the Release Notes as well as in the Reference Manual or User Interface Guide.

Performance and functionality

  • Auto-computation of meshing and other parameters that result in efficiently-converged solutions (this avoids the excess runtime due to unnecessarily tight manual settings)
  • Handle relaxed parameter-settings that enable faster Transient-thermal simulation
  • Heat transfer coefficients (HTC ) are specifiable for any mask-layers at the top and bottom domain boundaries

SoC design flow support

  • GUI to configure processing of system-on-chip (SoC) data into inputs to a thermal simulation
  • SoC data includes LEF and DEF files as well as power simulation reports that are used to build inputs to HeatWave

Visualization, interfaces and ease-of-use

  • Displayed geometries are colored and filled using either their mask-layer or by their material composition
  • Either the mask-layer or the implied material composition of layout-geometries determines their color and fill when displayed
  • Integrated with Virtuoso ICADVM or IC layout as pulldown menus, and co-simulating with ADE
  • Further support for encrypted thermal-technology files
  • Improved saving of surface or volume plots of computed fields and histograms from a Tcl script

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