PathWave ADS 2022 continues to offer the industry’s most complete RF and microwave, High-Speed Digital, and Power Electronics design capabilities simulation software that you’ve come to love. This release delivers new and enhanced capabilities to improve productivity and usability for RF and Microwave circuit and system designers.

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  • Enhanced Workspace and Library Management
  • AEL API for setting and getting workspace/library preferences
  • Enhanced stability against crashes

Data Display

  • Variable Explorer to visualize simulation and equation data
  • Datalink functions from command line for parallel or cloud based simulation
  • Direct image paste in data display


  • True arcs to accurately draw/edit curved traces and spirals
  • Automated GDSII import/export to eliminate user errors
  • Bulk editing of multiple structures (vias, pads, shapes, traces, etc) on same net (e.g. ground net)

Layout Verification

  • Layout versus Layout (LVL) compares component and pin mismatches on 2 layouts
  • Layout versus Schematic (LVS) now supports pad stacks inside component artwork
  • Design Rule Check (DRC) now checks local area density

RFPro EM simulation

  • New Sparse Direct Solver with up to 40% faster simulation for large structures
  • PathWave ADS RFPro HFSS Option in RFPro enables EM simulation with Ansys HFSS without leaving RFPro
  • 3D parameterization and native insertion of EMPro 3D components in RFPro

Circuit Simulation

  • Pathwave Design Cloud for Circuit and EM simulation on multiple cloud compute servers
  • Addition of functions to support Stability under LoadPull conditions
  • Implementation of Hspice syntax to read tabular files
  • Improved dynamic range on the Distortion EVM under very low EVM conditions
  • Improvements to the Harmonic Balance Engine


  • Orthotropic conductivity support for accurate SAW filter design and graphene material modeling
  • Re-usable thermal model on multiple imported designs to enhance interoperable flow

PDK mmWave DemoKit

  • New mmWave DemoKit to illustrate ADS mmWave circuit design capabilities (e.g. 5G and automotive radars)
  • PDK Validator to enable Process Design Kit developers to thoroughly test their PDKs before deployment

High Speed Digital - SerDes

  • New Tx_Waveform_AMI component designed specifically for measured waveform data
  • ADS Channel Simulator now supports COM 3.1 and COM 2.93
  • Supports single dual pole CTLE for PCIe Gen5 designs
  • Infiniium_Probe supports .h5 and .bin file formats within dynamic mode
  • Allows user’s selection on low frequency extrapolation method for Channel Sim / Transient
  • S-parameter Toolkit allows saving a file to a different file format
  • S-parameter Toolkit - Improved NEXT/FEXT plots as victim or aggressor
  • S-parameter Toolkit – Supports upper/lower triangular matrix selection

High Speed Digital - DDR/Memory

  • Single-ended PAM4 solution for GDDR6X/GDDR7
  • Single-ended PAM4 AMI Model generation and new support of custom CTLE
  • Supports HBM2/2E
  • Memory_Probe component within PathWave ADS Memory Designer now allows custom pairing of single-ended signal to a differential signal
  • Improved DIMM connector and package model setup
  • Allows user’s selection on low frequency extrapolation method for DDR Bussim / Transient

Power Integrity

  • New PathWave ADS: Power Integrity Simulation Workflow with PIPro video demonstrating 3-Step Power Integrity Workflow using PathWave ADS with PIPro
  • New Sparse Direct Solver with up to 40% faster simulation for large structures
  • Cached component models GUI enables easy selection for deletion
  • Mesh caching to reduce simulation times for new analysis that does not require a mesh change
  • Multiple VRM’s in one DC IR Drop Simulation

Power Electronics

  • Data sheet modeling
  • EMI and EMC Test benches
  • Inner-layer EM visualization
  • Digital twin for both SiC and GaN wideband gap power devices

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