The PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2022 Update 2.0 product release includes new capabilities and enhancements for:

PathWave ADS 2022 Update 2.0 is available now!

PathWave Design Software

PathWave ADS 2022 Update 2.0 continues to offer the industry’s most complete RF and microwave, High-Speed Digital, and Power Electronics design capabilities simulation software that you’ve come to depend on. This release delivers new and enhanced capabilities to improve productivity and usability for RF and Microwave circuit and system designers.

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File and Workspace Management Tools

  • New AEL Editor and Debugger with Visual Studio (VS Code)
  • New AEL for generating PDF file from Data Display file
  • Expression Manager performance, usability, and quality enhancements to handle large amount of data
  • Python version updated to latest 3.8.8 version
PathWave ADS 2022 Update 2.0
PathWave ADS for Layout

Design Editing and Layout

  • Trace route length updated interactively with mouse position
  • Substrate Editor enhancements to better display layer and cell names
  • New GDSII export option for setting maximum number of polygon vertices
  • New AEL functions for starting, managing, and communicating with external programs

Data Display

  • Line marker automatic update when dependent variables change
  • Faster trace updates when equations producing large amounts of data change
  • Better Dataset organization in Expression Manager
PathWave ADS 2022 Update
Circuit Design Software for Amplifer Stability Analysis

Circuit Simulation

  • High Performance Computing PathWave Design Cloud support for parallelized circuit simulation
  • Distortion EVM accuracy improved for low EVM
  • S-parameter toolkit highlight data points that violate limit lines to identify circuit behavior not meeting specs
  • TSMC reference flow support for 22nm and below and Synopsys Custom Compiler

Electrothermal Simulation

  • Supports custom multi-technology electrothermal (ETH) flow when layout and schematic hierarchies are mismatched
  • Arbitary sycnhronization of time schedule per design
  • Accuracy validated orthotropic k(T) versus analytic solution
Design Software ADS High Performance Compute Cluster

High Performance Computing (HPC)

  • Parallel circuit simulation for parameter sweep, batch, and Monte Carlo analysis
  • Parallel EM simulation (RFPro) parameter sweep
  • Design Cloud maximum number of threads and jobs controlled by CAD administrator
  • Rescale, Inc. support 

High Speed Digital (HSD) Design

  • Memory Designer enhanced with new CA/Data Bus Designer (W3077E) 
  • SerDes new USB (PAM3) AMI Model Builder (W3082E)
  • Spec-based USB4 (NRZ), PCIe Gen5/6 Tx/Rx AMI models
  • TDR & Limit Lines in S-parameter Toolkit
  • Support for IBIS BIRD 195.1 & 203
  • PIPro now has phase-animated surface field and current density results from harmonic balance simulation
Products Design Software EM Design Empro Composite

EM Simulation

  • RFPro parameter sweep in analysis setup for temperature, process variations & 3D component parameters
  • Momentum accounts for wire edge effects to more accurately capture R & C of transmission lines
  • Enhanced RFPro FEM Gen 2 solver accounts for conductivity, resistivity and surface roughness of sheet conductors
  • LTD substrate file import can use OpenAccess tech.db to import 3rd party EM stackup


  • Design Rule Check (DRC) enhanced for complex polygon over/under sizing with 2x speedup
  • Layout Vs Schematic (LVS) supports electro-thermal simulation for unsynchronized designs with same device-level components 
  • Device recognition report instance names from layouts that contain instances
ADS HSD products design software

Design Kits

  • Process Design Kit (PDK) Validator improved intuitive ease-of-use

Power Electronics

  • New P-Type option for Generic Switching MOSFET Model 
  • New simulation example templates for PID compensator; closed-loop Buck-Boost and Buck; open-loop Sepic, Cuk, Bridge, Boost, and Buck-Boost converters
PathWave ADS for Power Electronics
ADS Software 2022 Update


  • A new home page that gives quick access to all sections of the documentation
  • Improved navigation with the table of contents, breadcrumbs, and On this page
  • Product release switcher to view the current page in other supported releases
  • On-the-fly PDF generation
  • New responsive UI design enables use of help on all device sizes
  • Enhanced search UI to allow selecting the scope of the search
  • Light and dark theme to suit readability preference
  • QR code to open any page on mobile and tablet

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