New capabilities in PathWave ADS 2021 Update 1.0 include:

Data Display

  • Expression Manager: improved info panel, drag and drop equations to DDS, create new equation in table, and select all traces from a plot
  • New font selection menu with most recent fonts list


  • Point Editing of polygons, keep-outs support avoidance routing

Circuit Simulation

  • Improved Juncap 2 diode model
  • Updated HICUM LO, JFET LV100 (TSMC) & BSIM-IMG models
  • Winslow nonlinear stability analysis with automated Ohtomo analysis for multi-device amplifiers


  • New Momentum Generation 2 – faster substrate computation, geometry pre-processing and simulation runtime improvements
  • Process Variation analysis for dielectric permittivity and conductor resistivity
  • Upgraded 3D visualization
  • Enhanced FEM simulation to handle large data files


  • Use of the same heat-layer in multiple dies or PCB in a nested or multi-tech design
  • Suppress thermal archive creation by setting an environment variable.

High Speed Digital

  • LPDDR5 support including new signal types such as RDQS and WCK
  • Automotive Ethernet solution – PAM3, PAM8, and PAM16 modulation supports
  • Channel Simulator: Simplified multi-lane applications support, ex PCIe and 802.3
  • Memory Designer usability - DDR_Term, DDR_PreLayout, CSV file load/save
  • Power Integrity: Package/Die S-param lumped model use in PIPro AC & DeCap opt
  • Power Integrity: ODB++ roundtrip import/export w/layers, nets, comps & substrate

Power Electronics

  • Support of legacy design flows: export the EM-based parasitic extraction in a format that PSPICE can import

PathWave ADS 2021 Update 1.0 is available now!


PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS)PathWave ADS 2021 Update 1.0 comes with important and timely updates to its powerful design and simulation solutions to address the latest industry’s requirements in High-Speed Digital, RF & Microwave and Power Electronics; such as Low Power DDR5 memory, 5G multi-technology mmWave modules and high power density miniaturized switched mode power supply respectively. PathWave ADS integrated 3DEM-circuit co-simulation environment enables physical 3DEM effects to be easily accounted for during your iterative design process and not just for a one-time signoff verification.

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