New and updated features in IC-CAP 2016.01

  • Full support for DynaFET System and ALC software
  • Updated CMOS Packages
  • New simulation type support and simulation speed improvement
  • Various improvements to instrument drivers
  • Improvements on IC-CAP WaferPro


IC-CAP Device Modeling SoftwareIntroducing IC-CAP 2016.01

IC-CAP 2016.01 updates the CMOS model extraction packages to newer model versions (HiSIM_HV 2.2.0, HiSIM2 2.8.0, PSP 103.3.0, and BSIMSOI 4.5.0). The new release provides considerable speed-up in simulations using PSPICE. HF noise and multiport simulations with HSPICE are now supported. Various instrument drivers are improved: binary search is enabled for the Keysight B1500A and 4070/80 Parametric Systems; the B1500A/B1505A drivers are now up to 3X faster. IC-CAP 2016.01 fully supports the new DynaFET system, a complete solution to enable the extraction of the Keysight DynaFET model for III-V GaN and GaAs FET devices. This includes the Arbitrary Load Control (ALC) software for the large-signal waveform acquisition and a dedicated nonlinear model generation based on artificial neural network technology.

Updated CMOS Packages

  • HiSIM_HV 2.2.0
  • HiSIM2 2.8.0
  • PSP 103.3.0
  • BSIMSOI 4.5.0

New simulation type support and simulation speed improvement

  • Added support for HF noise simulations with HSPICE
  • Added support for multiport simulations with HSPICE
  • Improved speed of PSPICE simulations

Various improvements to instrument drivers

  • Binary search for B1500A and 4070/80 Parametric Systems
  • Added support for E5061B ENA Network Analyzer
  • B1511B modules for the B1500A
  • Improved speed up to 3X for the B1500A/B1505A drivers
  • Added support for E4990A Impedance Analyzer
  • Added support for N5235A PNA-L

Improvements on IC-CAP WaferPro

  • Results column now visible in new Test Plan Run Controller for easier selection.
  • Characterization Step field of Sequence control now provides dropdown list of possible options.
  • New Right-click menu in new test plan run controller now allows selection of only devices with NOK or No (N/A) Result. Also any measurement with Warnings may be selected.

Other Enhancements

  • Full support for DynaFET System and ALC software
  • Added support for visualizing ‘min/max range’ in plots

Platforms, Licensing & OS support

  • 64 bits support
  • License Manager update (LDB 2015.05)
  • Windows 7 and 8 Enterprise (64-bit only)
  • LINUX RHEL 5 and 6 (64-bit only)

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