About Command Expert

Keysight's Command Expert software combines instrument commands, documentation, syntax checking, command execution, and code generation all in one simple interface. Command Expert works with instruments that use Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation (SCPI), IVI-C,  or IVI-COM drivers.

Command Expert generates a SCPI.NET driver for each SCPI command set you install, for use in Visual Studio applications.

Command Expert Add-ons let you use Command Expert for easy instrument control in Excel, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python, SystemVue, VEE, and Visual Studio.

New Features and Changes In Command Expert 1.4 Update 1

  • Command Expert can now export C/C++ code targeting IVI-C drivers.
  • You can now add more than 10 sequences to a single Excel workbook. (Note that doing so may impact performance.)
  • When adding a new instrument, you can now choose to show only favorite instruments (as defined in Keysight Connection Expert), making it easier to find the instrument you wish to add.
  • Several defects have been fixed, including the following:
    • Drop-down selection lists were not shown for certain IVI-C attributes that have a limited set of valid values. Those lists are now shown.

New Features and Changes In Command Expert 1.4

  • Command Expert now supports IVI-C drivers
    • Several IVI-C examples are now accessible from the Examples pane.
  • Command Expert has an enhanced instrument discovery service that detects the same instruments detected by Keysight IO Libraries Suite.
  • There are new code generation options for the Export Sequence feature:
    • You can save code to be used in-line with another program's code.
    • You can save code so that it operates as an independent function that is called by another program.
  • The Excel Add-in has been enhanced:
    • The Command Expert Ribbon has been redesigned.
    • The Command Expert Sequence Pane has been redesigned.
    • You can now add up to 10 sequences in each Command Expert Workbook.
    • You can change the order in which sequences execute.
    • You can select which sequences execute so that you can temporarily stop using a sequence without having to delete it from the workbook.
    • You can populate fields in the Command Expert Sequence Pane by directly selecting cells in the workbook.
    • You can populate fields in the Command Expert Sequence Pane using named cells from the workbook.
    • The Excel Add-in performs checking for valid input types as you type into the Command Expert Sequence Pane.
  • Enhancements to profile features, including:
    • F12 now acts as a shortcut key to open the Profile dialog box.
    • When you complete a profile in the Profile dialog box, the box now stays open so that you can more easily run a series of profiles.
    • There is now an option in the Profile dialog that copies the profiled sequence (or selected steps) and output to the clipboard when profiling completes. You can then immediately paste the results into a file or another program.
  • Various usability improvements. 


  • Command Expert 1.4 adds support for the MATLAB R2014b release and supports MATLAB scripts.
  • Command Expert 1.4 adds support for the LabVIEW 2014 release.
  • Command Expert 1.4 adds support for Multiple Module Instrument addresses used by instruments such as the Keysight M9393A VSA and M9381A VSG.
  • See the documentation for a complete list of supported environments

Supported Instruments

To see which SCPI instruments are supported, use the Manage Command Sets dialog box in the Command Expert application, or visit Instruments Supported by Command Expert

Command Expert also lets you control instruments using IVI-COM and IVI-C drivers.


 Last Updated: February 7, 2015