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Delivering Accurate High Frequency Satellite Measurements
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In this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to calculate measurement uncertainty and traceability to deliver accurate broadband satellite measurements. 


  • Drivers for higher frequencies (mmWave) and bandwidths in the EW/Radar, Space/Satellite, LMR, and Phased Antenna Array spaces
  • Challenges of increased distortion when running power amps in compression mode
  • FieldFox Hand Analyzer with Noise Figure Measurements, Keysight NFA X-Series noise figure analyzers
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Every step in the path to new satellite development is crucial — from design and simulation to verification and manufacturing through deployment. Keysight will help you accelerate the speed of design, test, and manufacturing while maintaining a high quality of service and low risk profiles. From guidance and power systems to satellite payloads and microwave communications, our design and validation tools provide greater assurance that your satellite and its subsystems will work the first time, every time. Keysight leverages its experience and expertise, together with its Hewlett-Packard and Agilent legacy, to produce worldclass hardware, software, and custom measurement solutions for your space applications. We continue to build on Hewlett-Packard’s heritage of innovation in the space industry, which began with the Apollo program, to innovate for today’s agile, fast-paced, and vibrant NewSpace economy. Keysight is more than a measurement company. We are trusted hardware, innovative software, and a global network of experts focused on your mission success.


Simulation Ensures Success  from Planning to Operations

Satellite missions operate with a unique set of link budget obstacles. Those challenges include Doppler shifts, atmospheric distortion, latency, extreme temperature fluctuations, high-power levels driving amplifiers into nonlinear regions, and the unforgiving nature of being in space. There are no second chances for a satellite to work. Take extra care in every stage of the design, manufacturing, and deployment process to ensure that a satellite works the first time, every time. Digital modeling of satellite communications systems in these dynamic environments reduces design time and expedites manufacturing while increasing the probability of mission success and lowering production costs. You can integrate Keysight’s PathWave System Design (SystemVue) electronic system-level (ESL) design software with AGI’s System Tool Kit (STK) software, allowing engineers to accurately simulate and validate their signals in the dynamic space environment.


• PathWave System Design with STK is an integrated solution for creating a true, mission-level, digital twin used in the digital mission engineering lifecycle.

• The solution uses PathWave System Design’s high-fidelity radiofrequency (RF) impairment and channel models to permit user control of STK assets from PathWave System Design simulations.

• Perform a broad set of trade studies on satellite subsystems and payloads through a model-based design with integrated mission kinematics.

• The PathWave System Design and STK integrated virtual platform provides coverage analysis using actual standards-compliant modulated sources. Analysis includes all mission dynamics with various receiver architectures.

• Continually improve simulations by using Keysight’s high-fidelity measurement data to enhance and refine system models.


High-Fidelity System-Level Design Using PathWave System Design

PathWave System Design is a multidomain modeling implementation and verification cockpit for ESL design. It allows system architects and algorithm developers to cross traditional baseband and RF boundaries to innovate the physical layer of next-generation aerospace/defense and satellite communications systems. PathWave System Design simplifies tasks by integrating popular digital signal processing (DSP) modeling and implementation interfaces, along with accurate RF electronic design automation (EDA) tools, standards/intellectual property (IP) references, and test and measurement links into a single, highly productive environment.

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