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The New Normal: Six Keys to Optimize User Experience for Employees Working from Home

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Is a Surge in VPN Use and Work-from-Home Users Pushing Your Network to the Limit?

Enterprise networks are in the midst of a reckoning. Collaborative tools are more critical than ever, but a flood of work-from-home (WFH) users has made it increasingly difficult to ensure their performance. IT teams are facing a “new normal” as baselines for remote access and VPN traffic reach new heights.

Your network is changing. SD-WAN, 5G, and edge computing are changing how organizations build networks and how users access them. A new status quo demands a new approach. There is no better time to get ahead of the curve than right now.

This white paper will help get you started. Spanning subjects such as active network monitoring and VPN performance testing, this high-level playbook outlines six key strategies to help you optimize your network for an increasingly mobile workforce:

  1. Maximize quality of service (QoS) for WFH users. 
  2. Identify service interruptions before they impact end users. 
  3. Monitor voice over IP (VoIP) and video quality. WHITE PAPER Find us at Page 2 
  4. Track bandwidth consumption to get ahead of potential problems. 
  5. Validate your unified communications (UC) applications before and after you go live. 
  6. Prove your VPN’s capacity to meet present and future requirements.


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