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The financial industry is at the forefront of network technology. The reality is that the financial sector — from retail banking to high-speed trading — is at the cutting edge of network innovation. Network and IT leaders are always looking for the latest technologies to help them with the following challenges: 

  • faster technological changes 
  • changing consumer preferences 
  • cyberthreats 

Bank fraud is now an ultra-sophisticated cybercrime. Highly organized syndicates leverage their technology and the ever-growing complexity of networks to their advantage. Sophisticated network equipment and topologies can lead to complex and slow fault diagnosis processes and periods.

You can mitigate the risk by having the latest information needed to make informed decisions. Learn how Keysight's network test and visibility solutions can help you: 

  • Legitimize vendor claims so you can make the right technology decisions. 
  • Optimize your technology roll outs, application performance, and network availability 
  • Remove the guesswork from your network security performance and resilience. 
  • Eliminate blind spots in the network by implementing end-to-end visibility. 
  • Provide your operators with actionable insight by maximizing the use of network tools. 


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