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Benchvue Education Lab Management and Control Collection Bundle

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Benchvue Education Lab Management and Control Collection Bundle

Lab Management and Teaching Measurements, Simplified.

The Keysight BV9111EDU BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution consists of the Keysight BV011xB BenchVue Lab apps and the BV9001B BenchVue education control collection. BenchVue Lab is designed as a LAN-based lab management solution, providing centralized instrument configuration, lab overview and asset tracking for educators managing teaching labs. The BenchVue education control collection includes BenchVue instrument control, automation and analysis apps, enabling easy control, data capture, logging, monitoring and report generation for students working at a test bench. Together, the BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution serves as a powerful teaching tool for instructional laboratories.

Streamline and simplify lab management, saving lab administrators and educators time and freeing them to focus on teaching.

BenchVue Lab provides overview connection statuses of all instruments via a customizable home screen with widget control, and allows administrators to configure the measurement settings of all instruments at once, all from a single admin PC. With this single software platform, administrators also can easily track asset inventories; changes to the asset list – such as when instruments are sent for calibration or removed from the lab on loan – are automatically updated in software’s lab configuration status.

Enhance the learning experience of students by utilizing this solution as an education lab teaching software platform.

The BenchVue instrument control apps allow users to easily control, analyze and build custom automated sequences with BenchVue Test Flow. Full desktop and application sharing allows for easy remote monitoring and student assistance in the test lab. And with the BenchVue Lab Client App installed at each test bench computer, students can easily control instruments, log data and screen shots, and automatically join lab sessions. Easily integrate the solution into the existing lab setup. This solution supports over five hundred Keysight test and measurement instruments, and will also connect to non-Keysight test instruments that are compliant with the VISA connection protocol. Together with an intuitive GUI and the ability to import CSV files, BenchVue Lab enables educators to quickly set up and configure large labs.


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