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E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer

Configuration Guides

Test Accessories and Calibration Kits

Test accessories and calibration kits that can be used with the E5072A are listed in this section. A complete line of test accessories and calibration kits can be found at the Keysight RF and Microwave Test Accessories Web site:

Test accessories

Test accessories such as test port cable are necessary for a complete measurement system using the E5072A. Order test accessories in accordance with the desired measurement system.

Calibration kits

Calibration is an accuracy enhancement procedure that effectively reduces the system errors that cause uncertainty in network measurement. Calibration kit is necessary to perform the calibration.

Mechanical calibration kits include standards, such as opens, shorts and loads, which are measured by the network analyzer. Choose a calibration kit for each connector type to be used.

Electronic calibration (ECal) modules replace mechanical calibration standards with one solid-state calibration module that is controlled by the network analyzer via USB. ECal modules provide many different impedances to the test ports which enables a full two-port calibration to be performed quickly with a single connection. This technique reduces operator errors and connector wear and abrasion.


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