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U2700A Series USB Modular Instruments

Product Fact Sheets

Make bench-quality measurements with space-saving, affordable modules

Roughly the size of a paperback book, Keysight USB modular instruments make it easy to perform essential measurements – wave­forms, voltage, current, resistance, and more and inject standard or arbitrary waveforms into the systems or devices you’re testing.

The familiar front panels are on your laptop screen: With the companion Keysight Technologies, Inc. Measurement Manager soft­ware, you’ll be ready for measurements at a customer site, an outsourced manufacturing operation, and beyond. With USB 2.0 con­nectivity and plug-and-play simplicity, you can carry bench-quality measurements alongside a laptop PC in your bag. What’s more, each device can be mounted in the six-slot U2781A USB modular chassis with other modules for modular operations. The chassis enables synchronization of all slotted modules through master/slave triggering capabilities.

U2701A/U2702A USB modular two-channel oscilloscopes

- Bandwidth of 100 MHz (U2701A) or 200 MHz (U2702A)

- 500 MSa/s sampling and 16 Mpts of memory

- Advanced triggering including edge, pulse width and line-selectable video

U2761A USB modular one-channel function generator

- 20 MHz Sine and Square waveforms

- Pulse, ramp, triangle, noise and DC waveforms

- AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK and PSK signals

- 64 Kpt arbitrary waveforms with 14-bit resolution up to 200 kHz

- Optional arbitrary waveform generation upgrade (2 MHz)

U2741A USB modular digital multimeter

- Broad set of features and functions with 5½-digit resolution

- DC and true-RMS AC voltage/current, two- and four-wire resistance, frequency, diode test, continuity -and temperature

- Fast measurements with up to 100 readings/second

Keysight Measurement Manager (AMM) Highlights:

- AMM software provides a friendly interface for modular instruments

- Control instruments through individual windows that provide a familiar interface

- Configure instruments and measurements quickly and easily

U2722A/U2723A USB modular source measure unit

- Four quadrant source measure operation of ± 20 V/± 120 mA per channel

- 100 pA measurement with 16-bit resolution

- Embedded test script (for U2723A)

- IV Curve application support in Keysight Measurement Manager software (for U2723A)

U2751A USB modular switch matrix (32-channel, 4x8 2-wire)

- 32 two-wire crosspoints in a flexible 4x8 configuration

- Minimal crosstalk and insertion loss at 45 MHz

- Convenient user interface

System requirements

Keysight Measurement Manager software

Hardware requirements:

- Processor 1.6 GHz Pentium IV or higher

- Operating system One of the following Microsoft Windows versions:

- Windows XP Professional or Home Edition, Service Pack 1 or later

- Windows Vista 32-bit (Business, Ultimate, Enterprise, Home Basic, and Home Premium Edition)

- Windows 7 32-bit (Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise, Home Basic, and Home Premium Edition)

- Windows 7 (64-bit) support for 32-bit application running on a WOW64 (Windows-on-Windows 64-bit) emulator

- Hard disk space 1GB

- RAM 512 MB or higher recommended

- Video Super VGA (800 x 600) 256 colors or more

Software requirements

- Keysight IO Libraries Suite 15.0 or higher

- Keysight T&M Toolkit Runtime version 2.1

- Keysight T&M Toolkit Redistributable Package 2.1 patch 5

- Microsoft.NET Framework version 2.0 5

application installer

Ordering information

All products include:

- 12 V, 2 A AC/DC adapter and power cord

- USB standard-A to Mini-B interface cable

- L-mount kit (for modular instrument chassis)

- Keysight Automation-Ready CD (contains Keysight IO Libraries Suite)

- Keysight USB Modular Products Quick Start Guide and reference CD-ROM

- AMM Quick Reference Card

- Certificate of calibration


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