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PCI Express Probes for E2960B PCI Express Analysis Systems


Superior Signal Probing options to address diverse designs and form factors

As an industry leader in the innovation of non-intrusive, low load probe designs, Keysight contributes a wide range of probing solution for the E2960B PCI Express Analysis System for PCI Express Generation 1 or Generation 2. The probes from Keysight address a wide range of application needs as well as price points.

A key criteria for probe selection depends on the type of system you are trying to get insight into, add-in card, motherboard, or embedded design and also at the speed you are trying to probe.

If the design has a standard PCI Express card slot, then the easiest way to get visibility to the system is through a PCI Express Interposer probe. The interposer probe plugs in between the motherboard card slot and the add-in card. It is import­ant to ensure that the interposer probe chosen is an analog or passive probe with good signal integrity, so that when the probe is in the system, it doesn’t not change any of the electrical characteristics. The restrictions of a retiming interposer probe is that sometimes by having the probe in the system, issues are no longer visible to the system.

If you need to probe the system where there is no predesigned card slot to plug into, then a mid-bus probe or flying leads probe could be an alternative. The mid-bus probe connects to the board through a designed in “header” connection. The flying lead on the other hand can be used to solder leads directly onto the board, to provide the physical connection to the bus.

In all cases and for all probe types, Keysight provides the industry’s best signal integrity with minimal signal distortion and low jitter, so that you can probe with confidence ensuring that there is no change to the signal path.


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