Making Dollar$ and Sense Out of Enterprise Security Testing

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Executive Overview

If you are in any way responsible for “security” for your organization, you are definitely living in challenging times. Everyday, your network and applications are caught in the crosshairs of attackers intent on finding any vulnerability or weakness they can exploit. It is no longer sufficient to just choose and deploy the products designed to address your security needs; you now need to prioritize gaining deeper insight into your overall security resilience.

“Resilience” is defined as the ability to bounce back, and when it comes to security, every second needed to defend and recover from attacks can cost millions of dollars. Most enterprises are now spending heavily to deflect crippling cyber attacks that impact their revenues and reputation, but without a viable means of testing before they invest and validating future changes. 

Why read this paper? 

If your job involves addressing and responding to the security challenges your organization faces, this paper can help you. We’ll explore traditional approaches to assessing security investments, look at the financial benefits of testing, and debunk the excuses that keep IT organizations from validating their security infrastructure and deployment processes.


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