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Key Building Blocks for Internet of Things (IoT)

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IoT is already a reality. Products ranging from home temperature control and entertainment to security and industrial control have already been deployed by the millions. But this is just the beginning of the new IoT age, with its market projected to grow exponentially over the next few years. The hype around IoT has paradoxically hindered the understanding of how it actually works. Ask a hundred people about what they think IoT is and you might get a hundred answers, with most related to the outward features of common IoT products. However, there is a lot of technology under the covers that makes IoT possible. This white paper will help you understand the key building blocks of IoT and how they work together. It overviews considerations in validating that a particular IoT product or service is functional, safe, and conforms to industry standards; and the need for ongoing monitoring access of IoT data across the network. The aim is to help you successfully evaluate, design, or deploy the next generation of IoT solutions.
Column Control DTX