The site provides our supplier's with critical process documentation and tools associated with our ERP system. Please note, the information contained in this section will continue to change and evolve.

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Keysight Technologies Inc., 1400 Fountaingrove Parkway, Santa Rosa CA 95403-1738, United States

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Supplier Portal



Keysight uses an internet procurement solution, called "iSupplier Portal" (iSP). iSP allows secure, real-time transactions between Keysight Technologies and its suppliers. This gives suppliers the ability to directly access information across the "procure-to-pay" lifecycle, including purchase orders, forecasts and payments.





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Supplier Managed Inventory

Keysight Technologies uses one software solution for all "Supplier Managed Inventory" (SMI) suppliers to interface with Oracle. "Supply Chain Collaboration Portal" (SC2 Portal) is a cloud-based, Keysight-managed software application, which is the Keysight worldwide solution for SMI. SC2 Portal is a cloud-based supply chain management process that enables buyers and suppliers to achieve inventory and operation efficiencies through collaborative information sharing. SC2 Portal communicates inventory and replenishment information, as well as upper and lower stock limits. SC2 Portal proactively uses and distributes information to the responsible organizations.

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3DExperience/ Supplier Central

The 3DExperience Supplier Central application enables Contract Manufacturers and Suppliers to retrieve parts and products information for the sole purpose of manufacturing Keysight Technologies' parts, assemblies and products.






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Accounts Payable / Invoicing Solutions

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For most direct material suppliers, a process called "Evaluated Receipt Settlement" (ERS) is utilized to enable on-time payment for receiving goods and services. Keysight Technologies will create a "Self-Billing Invoice" (SBI) on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to send Keysight Technologies an invoice. Please refer to the ERS Guide below for details.


Tungsten Network is a global network that facilitates the electronic transmission of invoices to our Accounts Payable department. Using Tungsten Network allows you to automatically upload your invoice data into our financial systems. This also gives you the ability to track invoice delivery to Keysight and completely eliminates the need for paper invoices. Tungsten Network does not require any special hardware or software to use - only access to the Internet. There are no special format requirements when using Tungsten Network. For more information, visit Tungsten Network at



To request a login or access to above portal, please contact your Keysight Technologies Procurement Representative.

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