Wide frequency range coverage

  • Option U5532C-504: 100 kHz to 4.2 GHz (Type-N input connector, male)
  • Option U5532C-518: 10 MHz to 18 GHz (Type-N input connector, male)
  • Option U5532C-526: 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz (3.5 mm input connector, male)
  • Option U5532C-550: 30 MHz to 50 GHz (2.4 mm input connector, male)

Large RF power range

  • -10 dBm up to +30 dBm for absolute RF power measurements (wideband)
  • Down to -140 dBm for absolute tuned RF level (TRFL) measurements

Metrology-grade accuracies

  • As low as 0.0096 dB typical measurement uncertainty for absolute power measurement

Simplified configuration

  • USB-sensor based design eliminates the external power meter
  • Single RF input connector to ensure the measurement integrity
  • Key component for the N5531X “one-box” measuring receiver configuration
  • New feature of “on-board” calibration file enables cal factor auto-retrieval

The U5532C USB power sensor module is specially design for the N5531X measuring receiver. Based on the Keysight USB power sensor and a power splitter, the U5532C provides the N5531X measuring receiver user with a single RF input device covering up to 50 GHz. Using of the U5532C USB power sensor module eliminates the requirement of an external power meter, simplifying the setup process and saving lab space. The measurement integrity and accuracy are guaranteed by the fully defined specification sets. The traceability of measurement uncertainties is also ensured.

The newly introduced feature of “on-board” calibration file (for the U5532C with serial number prefix MY/SG6013 or higher) automatically retrieves the cal factors stored inside each U5532C sensor module. This makes the U5532C a truly “plug-n-play” USB device minimizing the human errors and saving operator’s precious time.

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