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Scienlab Charging Discovery System - Verification of Interoperability of all EV and EVSE Charging Interfaces

Application Notes

Although differences are found among countries and regions, global diffusion of electric vehicles (EVs) is still in its development process. While China and some European countries have established EV policies and the penetration rate of EVs is expected to rapidly increase, common requests for improvement in EVs necessary for the penetration include:


  • Acceleration of charging speed.
  • Extension of travel distance per charge.
  • Increase in the number of charging stations.


EV charging systems standards are still in the development stage. For instance, in Japan, the CHAdeMO standard is advancing from the current mainstream Rev. 0.9 to 1.x and then to 2.0, responding to larger power that enables charging in a shorter time. Furthermore, the new CHAdeMO standard 3.0 has already been announced to be coming soon.


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