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An RF Power Measurement Solution for Multi-Antenna MIMO Transmissions

Application Notes

The MIMO wireless connectivity method has been widely used in today’s broadband data transmission equipment. However, with the revision of the ETSI EN 300 328 v1.8.1 test standard, new requirements for multi-channel RF power measurement have been defined, which also could be leveraged to other test standards like EN 301 893.v1.7.1. Conforming to these new RF power measurement requirements presents the following test challenges:


– Up to 4/8/16 measurement channels have to be synchronous at all antenna outputs

– At least a 1 second measurement duration has to be provided for non-FHSS devices running non-adaptive mode

– At least a 1 MSa/s measurement rate has to be used

– Up to 4/8/16 million data samples of detection power of the burst signal have to be obtained


In this paper, an innovative RF power measurement solution that addresses the revised EN 300 328 v.1.8.1 and EN 301 893 v1.7.1 requirements is discussed. Keysight U/L2060 X-Series peak power sensor is the key enabler for this solution, which outperform the conventional custom solution that use aUSB peak power sensor and a 2 MSa/s USB modular data acquisition (DAQ).


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