M8100 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Push your design to the limit

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Enhance Your Reality

The Keysight M8100 Series arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) offer a level of versatility that enables you to set up complex real-world signals — whether you need precise signals to characterize the performance of a design or need to stress a device to its limits. From low-observable radar to high-density communications, testing is more realistic with our precision arbitrary waveform generators.

  • Push your radar and electronic warfare designs farther with highly realistic signal scenarios.
  • Leverage up to 256 GSa/s of sample rates to develop advanced components for terabit transmission systems.
  • Debug your most exacting designs with confidence using superior signal fidelity.
  • Use high-resolution and wide bandwidth signals simultaneously.
  • Stress your device to its limits with clean or distorted signals.
  • Reduce system footprint with the AXIe form factor.

Keysight's Fastest AWG

The unmatched capabilities of the Keysight M8199A enable you to take your designs to a new level. To create next-generation transmission technology, advanced research engineers require a new level of stimulus performance. Whether testing the discrete components of a coherent optical system or experimenting with terabit transmission, you need the highest speed, bandwidth, precision, and flexibility to meet the challenges of industry-leading applications. 

  • Sample rate up to 256 GS/s and 65 GHz bandwidth gives you enough margin required for pulse shaped signals.
  • Ready to use integrated instrument saves time, resources, and accelerates time to market.
  • High flexibility with license-based upgrades from two to four channels and sample rate from 128 to 256 GS/s.
  • Cross-platform software supports the M8100A Series AWGs.
  • Ideal for industries that require coherent transmission, direct detection, radar signal creation, and any high-frequency signal stimulus.

Key Specifications

Sample Rate

8 to 256 GSa/s

Bit Resolution

8 to 14 bits

Analog Bandwidth

4 to 65 GHz

Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR)

-49 to -90 dBc

Custom AWG Applications

Aerospace and Defense

Choosing the right emitter generation source to test electronic warfare (EW) applications is challenging. Since no one source is ideal in every situation, a test engineer must decide to qualify the generation source for each application.


Next-generation optical transceivers enable telecom service providers to support 100GE, 400GE, and soon terabit applications. To thoroughly test your optical receiver, you need to stimulate it with complex waveforms using different modulation formats and data sources. The M8100A Series AWGs can help you quickly and accurately test the performance of your optical transceivers.

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