Patch Taps – Integrated Fiber Optical Taps

Patch Taps Integrated Fiber Optical Taps

Bend-insensitive, 100% passive, built for integration into patch panels, and low latency trading applications

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  • For use in your patch panels and fiber distribution frames
  • No exterior housing
  • Ultra-low latency patch taps with shortest length of 0.14m to achieve lowest possible latency
  • Single Mode fiber speeds of 100G/50G/40G/25G/10G/1G
  • Multimode fiber speeds of 25G/10G/1G
  • 50/50 and 70/30 split ratios
  • Network protocol agnostic
  • Large inventory for reduced lead times
  • Install directly into patch panels
  • Lower rack space utilization
  • Fewer fiber runs than modular taps
  • Improved light loss budget

#SuperTinyTap — Patch Taps

Reduce Fiber Costs. Reduce Rack Space. Improve Light Loss Budgets.

The newest addition to our patch Taps is Ultra-low latency patch tap with shortest length of 0.14m to achieve lowest possible latency, for use in patch panels and fiber distribution frames.

The Patch Tap is designed to give you deployment flexibility. By eliminating the exterior shell around the fiber tap, the footprint of the Patch Tap has been reduced down to the size of its 3 duplex LC connectors.

This new form factor, with its ability to be installed into major manufacturers’ blank adapter panels and patch panels, gives you the flexibility to install taps in the main distribution area. Maintain flexibility and install taps exactly where you need them.

Tiny in size and tiny in added latency. Patch taps have around half the fiber length of traditional fiber taps which give reduced latency for hyper latency sensitive trading applications. They have approximately 1nSec lower latency. In addition they can be deployed in ways that remove the need for cross connects to fiber rack mounts which give even greater latency savings.

Simple Installation

The Patch Tap is optimized and tested for high-performance networks. These 100% passive devices can be deployed at any inline connection with no overhead, no added management burden, and no impact to network availability.

Patch Taps Integrated Fiber Optical

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