The World's Most Advanced Oscilloscope

Developing next generation technology requires world-class signal integrity from your test equipment. Achieve design insights you never thought possible with the highest bandwidth, highest ENOB, and lowest noise floor. Keysight’s breakthrough technology enables you to conquer even the most difficult measurement and design challenges.

  • 5 to 110 GHz of  bandwidth, with the most comprehensive set of probing, analysis applications, and measurements for advanced technologies
  • Most accurate oscilloscope at any bandwidth - lowest noise, highest ENOB, and 10-bit vertical resolution enable you to see the truest representation of of your signal
  • Solve problems faster with hardware-accelerated measurements and analysis
  • EVM performance for wideband mmWave measurements that rivals even the best signal analyzers
  • Protect your investment with a fully upgradeable, multipurpose platform capable of time domain, frequency domain, and phase noise measurements - the last oscilloscope you will ever need to purchase

The Custom Power Behind Our Instruments

Pushing the boundaries of technology requires instantaneous bandwidth, spurious-free dynamic range, and signal fidelity beyond basic measurements. Keysight powers every performance product with custom MMICs, designed in-house, manufactured in our proprietary indium phosphide (InP) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) fab with custom ASIC signal processing that ensure the industry’s fastest, most reliable measurements. Count on Keysight to accelerate your next innovation. Keysight's semiconductor technology enables the Infiniium UXR-Series to be the world's fastest and lowest noise oscilloscope.

Collage of various oscilloscope software options available on Infiniium Real-Time Oscilloscopes

Simplify Data Gathering and Analysis

The UXR-Series offers a robust suite of powerful software for signal integrity, power integrity, protocol decode and trigger applications as well as compliance test applications.

Solve Your Toughest Measurement Challenges with the Right Capabilities

  • Have confidence in your measurements with superior signal integrity and industry leading specifications.
  • Measure with the highest effective number of bits (ENOB) at full bandwidth.
  • Upgrade your oscilloscope to meet your ever evolving design requirements with full bandwidth and channel upgradeability.
  • Test with the lowest noise floor: less than 1 mVrms of vertical noise at 110 GHz.
  • Ensure accuracy in your measurements with the lowest jitter: less than 25 fs (rms) of intrinsic jitter and less than 10 fs (rms) of inter-channel jitter.
  • Guarantee precision with the self-calibration modules.
Engineer using a PC to view and analyze waveforms captured by an Oscilloscope

Key Specifications


5 to 110 GHz

ADC Bits



1, 2, or 4

Max Memory Depth

2 GPts


128 or 256

Max DDC Bandwidth

2.16 GHz

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Find the Model That's Right for You

Accelerate the Win with KeysightCare​

As the complexity of digital and RF tests increases, elevate the productivity of your engineering teams by providing priority access to industry-leading technical experts, a comprehensive knowledge center, and committed turnaround times for repair and calibration. The instruments featured on this page include one year of KeysightCare Assured with the option to upgrade to a 3-5 year service plan. Advance your workflow with KeysightCare.  ​

  • ​Committed response time for technical support as low as 2 business hours​
  • Committed repair & calibration turnaround times as low as 5 business days​
  • Worldwide KeysightCare service and support
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