Integrate Confidently. Switch Confidently. Measure Confidently.

Reliable and repeatable switching is critical for your measurement accuracy whether you use switching to route signals for design verification applications or for complex automated functional test systems. Keysight's switch measure mainframe and modules help ensure confidence in your measurement results.

PathWave BenchVue Data Acquisition Software

Instantly control your data acquisition units to log and visualize results in a variety of display options for easier analysis.

  • Control measurement channels for your specific test configurations from multiple data acquisition units.
  • Use the various waveform measurement operations in the time domain chart.
  • Capture total harmonic distortion (THD), THD plus noise, and signal-to-noise and distortion (SINAD) measurement operations in a fast Fourier transform (FFT) chart.
  • Create automated test sequences quickly with minimal instrument knowledge.

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