Optimize Your RF Test Flow

PathWave Measurements provides a test software framework using trusted Keysight measurement science and analytics designed for high-volume testing. It works with any instrument, Keysight or non-Keysight. Decoupling the data from the analysis helps to scale testing for general purpose, cellular communication, wireless connectivity, and aerospace / defense devices and designs.

Architecting test configurations with PathWave Measurements​

Get the same IP analysis as the Keysight 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) and X-Series measurement application test software. Optimized and repackaged in a lean format for easy integration to release the IP from unnecessary overhead so you can create efficient tests.

Evolving with new instruments and devices under test (DUTs)

Receive support for the latest PathWave Measurements updates for new instruments and devices under test. With modifications made easy, you can concentrate on scalability and performance.

Optimizing measurements with built-in performance monitoring

Experience the fully instrumented infrastructure to gather microsecond-resolution performance data while running an application. Visualize a test system using the PathWave Measurements performance monitor by testing how long each plug-in takes to perform the function so you can quickly identify any bottlenecks in a configuration.

Extending test configurations for more scalability​

Increase your test flexibility with two test configurations to choose from — a PathWave Measurements direct configuration or a client / server configuration. You get fast measurements using the PathWave Measurements direct configuration because no inter-process communication occurs. In the PathWave Measurements client / server configuration, a client application acquires data and sends it to a licensed instance of the PathWave Measurements server as an API measurement request.

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