RICtest emulates O-RAN network nodes and traffic profiles on different RAN Intelligent Controller’s (RIC’s) interfaces, allowing testing of the Near Real-Time RIC (and of xApps it hosts) and of the Non-Real-Time RIC (and of rApps it hosts).


Validating 5G RAN Optimization at Scale

Testing a Near Real-time RIC and xApps hosted on RIC has challenges. It is impractical to do testing with a test bed of real UEs and RAN components connected to an EPC or 5GC network. A test setup with real O-RAN components, UEs, and Core Networks to generate test data will be very expensive and difficult to operate. This requirement can be met by a test tool capable of simulating RAN components over E2 interfaces. This simulation tool should have the capability of simulating E2 nodes that are serving a large number of UEs distributed across multiple cells with mobility and traffic. The capability to simulate configurable traffic patterns and handover scenarios is very important to test xApps hosted on RICs. RICtest emulates thousands of CUs and DUs over the E2 interface, allowing for testing of Near Real Time RIC and of xApps hosted on RIC.

Validate O-RAN RAN Intelligent Controller functionality and performance

  • Highly scalable supports emulation of multiple O-CUs and O-DUs, O-gNBs and O-eNBs
  • Near Real-Time RIC testing, Non-Real-Time RIC testing
  • Testing AI/ML processing of xApps and rApps through the delivery of modeled measurements
  • Software-only solution (hardware optionally available)

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