• Up to 53 GHz bandwidth with 8.42-psec rise time enables measurement on the latest high-speed serial standards
  • Runs on the E5080B ENA with simple and intuitive operation
  • Unmatched performances: wide dynamic range (up to 140 dB) and low noise floor for accurate measurements
  • Fast measurement speed for real-time analysis
  • State-of-the art calibration techniques reduce measurement errors
  • Automatic deskew for easy removal of fixture and probe effects
  • Eye diagram analysis of high-speed digital interconnects
  • Method of Implementation (MOI) for High-Speed Digital Interconnects Applications are available: USB, HDMI, Ethernet, SATA, DisplayPort, MIPI and more.

Use S96011B to perform enhanced time domain analysis for high-speed data applications. Includes all functionality of the S96010B (TDR/TDT mode). In addition, the S96011B enables more detailed measurements and evaluations, such as eye diagram / mask modes, without adding PLTS software. Jitter and emphasis / equalization capabilities enable simulation of real-world signals and environment. The S96011B covers up to 53 GHz bandwidth. Full calibration is available and the automatic deskew ensures easy removal of fixture and probe effects. To get the best accuracy, use mechanical calibration kits or ECal with DC option (i.e. N469xD or N4433D with Option 0DC).

Accelerate High-Speed Digital Interconnects Compliance Test 

In high-speed digital standards, every generational change adds risks and test challenges. Keysight’s VNA solution for high-speed digital interconnects combines hardware, software, and industry expertise to help you comply with standards changes. Our solution provides views into the time and frequency domains, revealing underlying problems through advanced eye diagram analysis and ensuring interoperability and compliance of your designs.

Watch the video to learn about how Keysight’s VNA and Enhanced TDR application helps simplify your test workflow for USB Type-C® cables compliance test with one complete solution.


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S94USBCB USB Type-C Interconnect Compliance Software

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