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Advanced IoT Teaching Lab Solution

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Keysight Technologies offers a ready-to-teach package for educators and students who want to learn about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications. The Advanced IoT Teaching Lab Solution covers the fundamentals of IoT system design and validation, wireless communication and compliance, power measurement and MEMS sensors, as well as critical topics such as cybersecurity, pre-conformance, and battery optimization. The solution consists of three modules that can be purchased separately or as a bundle: - **Module 1: IoT System Design and Validation Fundamentals** (U3813A/14A) introduces students to IoT architecture, technologies, standards, wireless protocols, applications, and ecosystems. It also covers IoT embedded system design that includes device cybersecurity basics. - **Module 2: IoT Wireless Communication and Compliance** (U3815A/16A) teaches students how to develop typical IoT applications with various types of wireless connectivity and compliance study, such as BLE, Zigbee, WLAN, and LoRa. It also covers IoT device and network security learning. - **Module 3: IoT Precision Power Measurement and MEMS Sensors** (U3817A/18A) shows students how to characterize the power consumption of IoT devices onboard controllers, sensors and wireless modules, and how to apply sophisticated battery optimization techniques using RF event detector and analysis software. Each module comes with a training kit that includes an IoT development kit, IoT sensor devices, XBee Zigbee kit, lab sheets, and problem-based learning assignments. The U3814A/16A/18A also include editable teaching slides that cover 90+ hours of classroom sessions. The solution also provides a list of recommended instruments and software from Keysight that are used in the industry for IoT design and testing, such as digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, power analyzers, anechoic chambers, VSA software, X-series measurement applications, event-based power analysis software, etc. The Advanced IoT Teaching Lab Solution also offers a Remote Add-on Option (U3810REM) that enables the remote connectivity of the training kit using a programmable USB hub and a DAQ switching system. This option allows educators to conduct IoT teaching in a remote environment and deliver a similar learning experience as if the students were at the onsite lab. By using the Advanced IoT Teaching Lab Solution, educators can equip their students with IoT engineering knowledge and skills with a complete understanding of the IoT ecosystem. Students will learn practical design and test techniques from the fundamentals to advanced topics using industry-standard tools. They will also have the opportunity to earn a Keysight IoT design and validation industry-ready student certification program that recognizes their exceptional IoT design knowledge and measurement expertise. For more information about the Advanced IoT Teaching Lab Solution and to view samples of the teaching slides and lab sheets, please visit []. To order the solution or any of its components, please contact your local Keysight office or visit [].
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