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Security Demands Visibility

Security is no longer about just protecting boundaries. Mobility, cloud, and virtualization of infrastructure now demand pervasive security.

with visibility

Deploy a visibility architecture to help secure every edge of your infrastructure.

your security

Increase the efficiency, performance, and reliability of your security systems.

the invisible

See inside your cloud and encrypted traffic just like your internal network.

your cyber skills

Let your cyber warriors enhance their skills with practice, practice, practice.

Prepare with Visibility

Gartner made “Continuous Visibility” the centerpiece of its CARTA (Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment) 2017 security framework. Embracing a security architecture for continuous visibility means validating security before deployment and protecting production networks with comprehensive data inspection.

A robust security architecture makes applications and networks stronger. Security needs to be part of the fabric of your network architecture, a Security Fabric, to boost the effectiveness of your security investments.

Industry analyst Zeus Kerravala discusses how unobstructed visibility is critical to network security.

Protect your Security

Research, test, protect, and strengthen your security

Network security is about finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they hurt you.

  • Research: Include an application and threat intelligence feed, such as the ATI Research Center, that researches the latest threats and application spoofing techniques
  • Test: Simulate distributed denial of service (DDoS), exploits, malware, and fuzzing mixed with real-world traffic like BreakingPoint to validate your security infrastructure
  • Protect: Block up to 80% of malicious traffic and fend off zero-day malware mutations by blocking them at their source with ThreatARMOR
  • Strengthen: Integrate failsafe security with security resilience solutions to ensure network availability during appliance deployment, failure, troubleshooting, and maintenance

Probe the Invisible

Cloud Traffic Visibility

Clouds provide flexibility, speed, and scalability for networks which are critical in today’s fast-moving economy. The tradeoff comes in control and visibility. Cloud services do not natively provide packet-level data that security systems require for anomaly detection and pattern analysis.

You need cloud visibility solutions with the ability to access packet data in public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments.

Ixia CloudLens offers:

  • Data access and capture
  • Data grooming
  • Data delivery to security and monitoring tools

No more security blind spots in the cloud!

Encrypted Traffic Visibility

SSL is a key attack vector and efficient visibility into encrypted traffic is becoming critical to secure your business.

You need SSL visibility solutions that enable you to see inside all encrypted traffic. These solutions can be used both inline and out-of-band for decrypting/encrypting your inbound or outgoing traffic.

Practice your Cyberskills

Train your Cyber Warriors with advanced Cyber Range services

Cyber Range uses our BreakingPoint security test software to help your team think like their enemy:

  • Leverage our world-leading Application and Threat Intelligence Research Center
  • Join the red team and learn hackers' tools, techniques, and view of the IT world

Cyber Range also helps you build and assess your defense skills:

  • Train anytime, anywhere on ever-changing real-world scenarios
  • Join the blue team and learn to defend, red team to attack with multiple threat options

2019 Security Report

This report combines lessons learned in 2018 with impactful predictions for 2019. Both the data and the predictions are based upon research conducted by Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center.

Read this report now to learn what the top five network security issues were in 2018 and what the ATI center predicts will be the top six threats to watch for in 2019.

Learn how to see deeper inside your network to identify and address vulnerabilities.