Be Ready for Your Worst Scenario with Keysight's Pocket Multimeter

Retool your expectations with the Keysight U1230 Series (U1231A, U1232A, U1233A) multimeter – the first to combine a built-in LED flashlight, both audible and visual alerts, and non-contact AC voltage detection in one handheld. Whether it is dark, noisy, or dangerous, the U1230 pocket multimeter will equip you with features that anticipate your worst-case scenarios.

  • Troubleshoot easily in dim lighting with the built-in LED flashlight
  • Single-handedly select measurement functions using the rotary dial
  • Eliminate ghost voltage with low input impedance mode, ZLOW
  • Increase productivity with wireless data logging via Bluetooth®

Simplify Tasks with U1230 DMM

The Keysight's U1230 Series handheld digital multimeters (DMM) simplify measurement tasks in adverse conditions. Housed in compact cases and with an easily accessible rotary dial, the U1230 includes these features:

  • Built-in flashlight to illuminate your test area
  • Vsense to perform non-contact voltage detection
  • Continuity alerts for noisy environments
  • Optional Bluetooth® adapter for remote monitoring of measurements on mobile devices

Key Specifications


3.5 digits

Max Reading Speed

5 readings/s

Basic 1-Year DCV Accuracy


Built-In LED Flashlight


Display Type

7-segment LCD

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