Automotive Test Engineering Challenges

Keysight Technologies’ TS-5000 Family of Automotive Electronics Functional Test Systems helps automotive electronics manufacturers get their products to market faster by accelerating test system deployment. It utilizes common architecture and core instrumentations to offer maximum flexibility to keep pace with the dynamic changes in the automotive electronic industry.

More and more electronic components are being integrated into today’s automobiles to ensure drivers’ welfare, comfort and convenience. The higher complexity requirements for the electronics invariably results in higher capability at final testing. However, the consumers expect these additional features to be included into their purchases at a minimum cost to them. Therefore, any manufacturing equipment in a production line has to balance between capital costs, fixed costs, through-put, time-to-market, development costs and cycle, deployment costs and support costs to minimize cost of test and ensure a profitable bottom line to the manufacturers. In addition, the test systems purchased has to be scalable and modular in order for the manufacturers to quickly modify for use in other product lines to maximize usage and ultimately improve the Return-Of-Investment-Capital (ROIC).

Keysight automotive electronics testing is a cost effective, robust and reliable test system that gives you the lowest cost of ownership. In addition, the open architecture Test Exec SL gives you the flexibility to do just about anything you want.

To learn more about the test system and applications, view our free technical manuals and application notes from the technical support tab.

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