Verification Test Bench (VTB) for WiMedia, Wide Video Area Network (WVAN) and digital television (DTV) applications. Requires the W3040E PathWave Sys-Ckt Verification Simulator.


The W3046E PathWave WiMedia, WVAN and DTV VTB includes:

  • UWB WiMedia, Wide Video Area Network (WVAN) and Digital TV verification test benches
  • Preconfigured sources, DSP models and simulation setups
  • Save months of development time by using standards compliant VTB for RF circuit verification against these standards before hardware prototyping

Pathwave WiMedia, WVAN and DTV VTB provides the full Physical Layer (RF-PHY) verification of RF circuits for Ultra Wideband (UWB) WiMedia wireless personal area network (PAN), Wireless Video Area Network (WVAN) and Digital TV (DTV) applications. It provides preconfigured simulation setups, signal sources and fully coded bit error rate (BER) analysis for simulation of RF circuits under these standards.

Note: This element license requires a host bundle to work. For recommended bundle configurations, click here.

Note: W3046E has been modified to remove 4096-QAM due to US export control ECCN 5D001. Please add the W3047E to your purchase to access 4096-QAM capability subject to relevant export control approvals in your geographic region.

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